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Our History

Abiran company with more than ten years of brilliant experience in the field of supply, production and services of various domestic water pumps, booster pumps, industrial and agricultural electric pumps,
Types of gearboxes, vibrators, dosing pumps, mono pumps, slip pumps, linear circulators, specialized gearboxes, electric motors, diesel generators, electric motors, transformers,
Polyethylene tanks, pressurized sources (expansion), boilers, well vessels, submersible pumps (shoes and sludge), filtration, pool accessories, home and industrial car washes,
Industrial vacuum cleaner, pool vacuum cleaner (manual and ligament), industrial centrifuges, side channel (aerator), water fountain, etc. started working in 2011.
Abiran Group, with the long-term planning of its managers, entered the field of Iranian markets from the very beginning, and after the initial program, in the first three years of its activity, was able to provide some of the needs of our beloved country.
In 1394, the name of Abiran was included in the list of importing and producing companies in Iran and entered a new stage of its planning by obtaining representation from many of them.
Abiran company created a new and different name in the industry with the slogan of customer orientation in 2016, which enabled it to expand its activities.
After doing a strong and reliable infrastructure in these years and getting help from various managers and specialists in their field of activity and having a lofty goal in the second five years of its activity, it was able to meet many other industrial needs of the country. It started to supply specialized and complex products such as diaphragm pumps, ozone generators, explosion-proof electric motors, various types of anti-acid pumps, various types of increasing and decreasing gearboxes, and so on.
In order to provide fast and easy service in 1400, this group took the necessary measures for easy access of all its customers throughout our beloved country of Iran to products and opened Abiran Shop.
At Abiran Shop, we intend to be able to provide all household, industrial and agricultural needs and provide them with an easy shopping experience, with quality and the lowest price.
All Abiran Shop products have a guarantee of authenticity and physical health of the product, which makes it possible for you, dear colleague and customer, to buy comfortably in our store, or even the information needed to prepare each product by just pressing a key next to the page. And get connected to Abiran experts 24 hours a day.
The important point is that the Abiran family has provided a 24-hour contact number for your convenience, dear customer, which has made it possible for you to contact our experts at any time to make a purchase.

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درباره ما آبیران شاپ


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